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I’m Daniele Giacometti

I was born in 1992 in Bergamo a little town close to Milan, Italy.

Since I was young I considered myself having two souls: one passioned about physics and mathematics and the other passioned about art and self expression.
I chose to study Engineering of Media and Communication at Politecnico di Torino to merge these passions: to get the mental structure of an engineer and the open mind of a content creator for communication. I specialized in video production and I worked as a camera operator and editor for music videos, short films and advertisement campaigns. I worked as filmmaker in Cuervolution a tour on the road sponsored by Jose Cuervo and broadcasted by MTV Italia.
During my master degree I studied at Technologico de Monterrey in Queretaro, México. Then I worked for one year as Camera operator and Photographer at VICE Media México. I produced independently three short documentaries: The Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary shot in Hawaii, Simplemente Felix Beltran shot in Queretaro and Vidas de Vidrio shot in México City.
Actually I’m based in Bergamo and I work as a freelance video producer in Italy and abroad. I produce events video, music videos, documentaries and photography projects.

To get in touch you can contact me at:
Telephone: +39 392 8388444